Plicord Flexwing Petroleum Hose

Plicord Flexwing Petroleum Hose

What is Plicord Flexwing Petroleum Hose?

Plicord Flexwing is an industrial hose designed for the transfer of petroleum-based products. Flexwing hoses incorporate many features, such as nitrile synthetic rubber and Continental ContiTech Insta-Lock couplings. Plicord Flexwing hoses are available in an array of specifications to meet most industrial transfer hose needs.


Flexwing industrial hoses can be implemented in both tanker truck service applications, along with interior plant operations. The Flexwing hose is meant for transferring fluids, such as gasoline, oil, and ethanol, up to 50% aromatic content. Plicord Flexwing is made for pressure, gravity flow, and full-suction service, making it useful in a variety of applications.

Who Made It?

The Plicord Flexwing is made by Continental ContiTech, formerly known as Goodyear. Continental ContiTech is known as a leader in the market for rubber and plastics technology. They produce an assortment of high quality components for automobiles and industrial equipment.

Plicord Flexwing Hose

Improved Flexibility – The Plicord Flexwing Petroleum series of industrial hoses incorporate a spiral wire helix, which makes the hose more flexible than most standard industrial hoses.

This increased flexibility means that the Flexwing Petroleum hose can accommodate more applications than ever. Furthermore, the wire helix also adds strength to the industrial hose.

Lighter Weight – Industrial hoses are often heavy and cumbersome, making them difficult to use. The Flexwing Petroleum is made from nitrile synthetic rubber, which not only has a high resistance to oil; it is also light-weight, making for easier operation and portability. In addition, the hose is wrapped in smooth, black synthetic rubber, which helps keep the materials light.

Brand Improvement – Industrial hose misidentification can lead to equipment downtime and could result in possible operator injury. Continental ContiTech has taken this into consideration with their Plicord Flexwing Petroleum hoses, and thus redesigned the branding using brighter colors, so that the hoses can be easily identified.

Eaton Hose Crimp Machines

Eaton Hose Crimp Machines

Eaton Hose Crimp Machines

Hose crimping is a vital part of hydraulic hose construction. Without a proper crimp the hose can fail by either over crimping or under crimping. In either case, this can lead to a dangerous and expensive situation. Eaton offers several models of crimping machines that are designed to ensure the best crimp possible.


The ET1000 is a portable crimper from Eaton that is built to crimp all 1-wire and 2-wire braid hose fittings of up to 1-1/4 inch in diameter and all 4-wire spiral fittings of up to 1 inch.

The ET1000 is the most economical of all the crimpers offered by Eaton and one of the easiest to operate. The ET1000 uses a similar design style to that of the FT1370, but it does not use the ProCrimp die cages.

Instead the ET1000 implements a 2-piece half collet assembly for crimping. The ET1000 can be made to operate by a hand pump, air or hydraulic pump, or electrical power, making this crimper very versatile. 


The Aeroquip PROCRIMP FT1380 is designed to crimp more than 20 types of Eaton hose up to a diameter of 1 ¼ inch. The FT1380 features a digital display that allows users to set crimping specifications and program up to 10 crimp settings, as seen on this video:

The electronic controls also ensure that each crimp is accurate and solid, which helps to ensure that every hose fitting has been properly secured to the hose. 


The PROCRIMP FT1390 by Aeroquip is a stationary crimping machine, designed to crimp Eaton hose fittings up to 2 inches in diameter, including hose models that are made from 4 and 6 spiral wire.

The FT1390 features an electronic keypad that allows the user to specify the crimp diameter to ensure a solid crimp is achieved. Additional features of this Eaton hose fitting crimper include crimp die cages and a backstop fitting locator. 


The Aeroquip PROCRIMP FT1380 is designed to crimp more than 20 types of Eaton hose up to a diameter of 1 ¼ inch. The FT1380 features a digital display that allows users to set crimping specifications and program up to 10 crimp settings, as seen on this video:

The electronic controls also ensure that each crimp is accurate and solid, which helps to ensure that every hose fitting has been properly secured to the hose. 

As seen in the video below:

The Eaton ET3000 hose crimper has two ergonomic handles and a solid frame, which make this model easy to transport. In order to make the ET3000 even more accommodating, Eaton has developed it so that it can be powered using either a hand pump, air, hydraulics, or a 110-volt electrical connection.

Industrial Hose Insta-Lock Coupling

Industrial Hose Insta-Lock Coupling

Industrial Hose Insta-Lock Coupling

The Insta-Lock coupling from Continental Contitech is an innovative hose coupling system designed to work with Continental brand industrial hoses. The Insta-Lock coupling system utilizes 10 improved design features that were developed by Continental after years of research and in-the-field testing.

Design Features

  • Automatic Locking Handles – The patented automatically locking handles designed by Continental Contitech ensure a secure fit between connections, without the hassle of manual locking handles. The Insta-Lock couplings locking handles simple design decreases the chances of dirt build-up that can sometimes lead to a weak connection.
  • No-Snag Design – One of the most common problems associated with industrial hose couplings is snagging caused by coupling rings. The Insta-Lock coupling has pull rings that fit into designated “Lock Zones” on the coupling, thus reducing the chances that the hose will get snagged when it is being dragged or pulled.
  • Lock-Out Padlock Holes – The innovative hose couplings from Contitech allow for the insertion of a padlock to ensure that the coupling remains connected if the handle pins fail or are accidentally removed.
  • Ergonomic Handles – Locking the handles of some industrial hose couplings can be difficult and hard on the hands. However, the Insta-Lock system comes an ergonomic handle design that is more comfortable to lock than competitor’s models, thanks to specially designed “palm pads.”
  • Damage-Resistant Design – Industrial hoses are often subjected to a lot of inadvertent abuse, and this can result in hose system failure. Continental Contitech has taken notice of this and, in turn, has engineered their industrial hose Insta-Lock couplings to withstand rugged conditions. The V-shaped struts on the coupling are made to boost strength and reduce the change of breakage due to the coupling being repeatedly dropped.


  • Improved Serration Design – It is not uncommon for industrial hoses to become detached from their couplings because the serration inside the coupling does not grip the hose properly. The Insta-Lock coupling helps eliminate the chance of a hose disconnect by utilizing a serrated profile that meets ASTM specifications and better grips the hose on the interior of the coupling.
  • Damage-Resistant Pull Rings – Pull rings are a vital part of industrial hose couplings. They are used in the connection and disconnection of the coupling and are often subjected to abuse from dragging. Continental Contitech has taken notice of this and therefore have built their pull rings out of heavy duty spring steel. In addition, there is a pull ring “lock zone” on the coupling to better keep it out of harm’s way.
  • “Hose Stop” Feature – When an industrial hose is crimped it can begin to elongate causing the hose to weaken and even loosen from its fitting. The Insta-Lock coupling is designed in a way that will ensure the hose does not get deformed when crimped.
  • Ergonomic Handles – Locking the handles of some industrial hose couplings can be difficult and hard on the hands. However, the Insta-Lock system comes an ergonomic handle design that is more comfortable to lock than competitor’s models, thanks to specially designed “palm pads.”
  • Precision Machined Hose Shanks – The shanks on the Insta-Lock coupling have been machined in a way so that they better hold the hose in place, whether it is banded or crimped. This will prevent the hose from slipping off the shank if it becomes stretched.


  • Smooth Flow Design – The flow of fluid is important when using an industrial hose and in some cases the design of the hose can impede the flow. This is not the case with the Continental Contitech Insta-Lock coupling as it has been specially designed to maximize flow rate and reduce fluid turbulence.



    Eaton Evercool AC Hose

    Eaton Evercool AC Hose

    Eaton Evercool AC Hose

    Refrigerant hoses are relied upon to keep both equipment operators and shipped goods at adequate temperatures. Unfortunately, these A/C hose systems often leave a substantial and unwanted environmental footprint. With this in mind, Eaton has introduced the Evercool A/C hose to reduce environmental damage and increase sustainability.

    Permeation Elimination

    One of the foremost problems with A/C hoses is the loss of coolant as it permeates through the walls of the hose. Not only does this significantly reduce efficiency, but it also causes the release of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. To counter these ill effects, Eaton has constructed the Evercool hose with a patent-pending two layer construction. These two layers are combined together through the use of a veneer bond which minimized permeation and maximizes the compatibility of oils and refrigerants. The dual layer construction makes for a hose that is incredibly resistant to wear and kinking. In comparison with other AC hoses, the Evercool surpasses the competition in temperature range, permeation resistance, and flexibility.

    Extreme Performance

    There is no doubt that having a reliable A/C hose is a must in commercial applications. Without hose reliability there is a chance that operators will not be kept cool and neither will the goods that require refrigeration during transportation. The Eaton Evercool hose has an operational temperature range that far surpasses any other A/C hoses in its class. In fact, the Evercool hose is not only more resistant to wear thanks to its dual-layer design, but it is also UV resistant which greatly extends that life of A/C hoses that are continually exposed to direct sunlight.

    Benefits of the Evercool AC Hose

    • Low Permeation Value – As it has been shown, the Eaton Evercool hose eliminates the permeation of coolant materials. This helps to reduce the footprint that is left on the environment through the use of harmful chemicals.
    • Heat Resistant – The dual layer construction of the Evercool hose means that it has a much greater resistance to temperature fluctuations, including extended exposure to high temperatures. This significantly reduces the chance of the hose being compromised in high demand applications.
    • Easy to Install – To make the change to the Evercool hose, Eaton has ensured that the hose is designed for easy installation. The hose can be installed in most applications within minutes, providing immediate permeation relief.
    • Multiple Applications – Unlike the A/C hoses of competitors, the Eaton Evercool hose can be used in a variety of implementations, including vehicles used for transportation such as vans and trucks. In addition, the Evercool hose works great in construction air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
    • High Performance – The Eaton Evercool hose has been put through a rigorous testing process which notes the integrity of the couplings by using vibration and impulse testing. This testing will ensure that the hose will perform properly under nearly any condition. In addition, this vibration testing proves that fittings will remain secure when under duress.

    The Evercool hose eliminates permeation and increases heat resistantce through the use of two layers of hose material and the superior design of the Evercool hose offers extreme performance qualities where others fail. If you are in the market for an industrial strength coolant hose, look no further than the Evercool by Eaton.

    ET1187 Portable Crimp Machine

    ET1187 Portable Crimp Machine

    New! Eaton Portable Variable Crimp Machine – ET1187

    The ET1187 crimp machine is Eaton’s latest portable variable crimper to hit the market. Eaton’s ET1187 is a versatile crimper that provides a mid-range crimp capability at a lower investment cost than the current FT1380/ET1280 models.

    ET1187 can be easily mounted on service vehicles, walls or bench tops using the appropriate mounting bracket making it a lot easier to transfer and crimp hoses between job sites. This new portable crimp machine works with Aeroquip TTC series fittings and utilizes existing FT1380 dies.

    Another added benefit is the color coded collar on the crimp machine which matches the layline on the hose for easily identifying the crimp specs for the most common hoses.

    Click here to watch the ET1187 Crimper Video

    Crimp Specifications:

    • Dimensions – 22” High x 9” Wide x 11” Deep
    • Weight – 65 lbs

    Can be powered with one of four different power supplies:

    1. 110-volt AC power unit
    2. 12-volt DC power unit
    3. Air/Hydraulic pump
    4. Hand-pump

    Portability is essential when working in the field, and with this in mind Eaton has introduced the ET1187 crimping machine. Not only is the ET1187 capable of handling hose up to 1” it incorporates state-of-the-art features with an “ease-of-use” that will ensure a proper crimp. Here are the key features of the ET1187:

    • Portability – As the name suggests, the ET1187 Portable Variable Crimp Machine offers users an array of options for implementation including the ability to be mounted on the wall, as well as vehicle and benchtop mounting capabilities. The crimper can be ordered with separate bracket mounts so that it can easily be moved from the shop to the vehicle. 
    • Power – The ET1187 can be operated from nearly any hydraulic power source that maintains a level of 10,000 psi. That includes one you may already have in your shop or choose one of four different options offered by Eaton. The crimper can be ordered with any one the following power options: 2-stage hand pump, air/hydraulic pump, 12-volt DC, or 110-volt AC. 
    • Color Coded – True to Aeroquip’s Matchmate ease of use, the Eaton Portable Variable Crimper uses a collar that has been color coded to expedite setup and make hose matching as simple as possible. This feature ensures that a proper crimp can be achieved by matching the color-coded dot with the correct size and style of hose. 
    • Economical – Eaton has made the ET1187 to be affordable while maintaining a crimp capability that puts it in the size category of mid-range crimpers. This makes it a more viable option than other crimpers on the market today. 
    • Adaptable – The Portable Crimper is made to accommodate most Aeroquip products ¼” through 1” (-4 through -16). This makes the ET1187 extremely versatile. 

    As it has been shown, the ET1187 Portable Variable Crimp Machine by Eaton has capabilities that allow for use across a broad spectrum of applications. Its portability makes for a quick exchange between the workshop and vehicle while maintaining the ability to crimp the most common sized hoses. Furthermore, the ET1187 uses a color coding system which increases its ease of use. If you are looking for a hose crimper that is both efficient and affordable, be sure to consider the ET1187 from Eaton.  To get one in your shop, ask an Omni representative today!

    Eaton Lifesense Hydraulic Hose Monitoring

    Eaton Lifesense Hydraulic Hose Monitoring

    Hydraulic Hose Monitoring

    Hydraulic hoses are the lifelines on which heavy equipment runs. A failed hydraulic hose can put workers in danger and lead to significant downtime which can cost companies thousands of dollars. The ability to detect problems within hydraulic hoses before they fail will decrease downtime and help keep employees safe. With this in mind, Eaton has developed the LifeSense hydraulic hose condition monitoring system.

    The LifeSense system is designed to alert operators when a hydraulic hose is showing signs of failing internally. This type of intelligent hydraulic hose condition monitoring system has been developed to help customers manage their hydraulic powered equipment more effectively and efficiently.

    Eaton offers two options for monitoring the integrity of hydraulic hose:

    The more basic of these is the LifeSense Wired detection system. This system works by sending a direct current of 12 or 24 volts the length of the hydraulic hose. There are multiple wire cable lengths that are available for the LifeSense Wired detection system, including lengths of 10, 15, 25, 50, and 100 feet. If the LifeSense unit senses any impending failure an alert will be sent to the Hose Diagnostic Unit or HUD.

    The HUD continuously monitors up to 11 hydraulic hoses by receiving real time data regarding the condition of the hydraulic hoses. In addition to the hydraulic hose condition monitoring that the LifeSense Wired system provides, it will also check the integrity of the hose fittings by means of hose fitting sensor monitor.

    Eaton also has a LifeSense Wireless system that is a more advanced means of hydraulic hose condition monitoring. The LifeSense Wireless unit optimizes wireless frequency capabilities in order to monitor up to 100 hydraulic hoses and fittings. The information gathered by the wireless system is sent to a secure Eaton server, where you can monitor multiple aspects of the hydraulic system, including connection status, installation data, and trend reports.

    This secure server can be accessed from a computer or a mobile device, allowing for unmatched portability. An added benefit of the LifeSense Wireless system is its ability to transmit performance data every seven hours, in addition to the continual monitoring of the hydraulic hoses.

    Advantages of Hydraulic Hose Condition Monitoring System:

    Implementing the Eaton LifeSense hydraulic hose condition monitoring system has multiple advantages. The detection system will increase the life of the hydraulic hoses by more than 50%, resulting in significant savings and eliminating the need to guess when a hose needs replacing.

    Furthermore, Eaton LifeSense drastically reduces the chance for injury or collateral damage, by notifying workers that there is an impending failure that needs to be addressed. This early notification will allow the faulty hydraulic hose to be replaced, before rupture, which greatly reduces downtime, thus saving companies both time and money.