Eaton EverFlex Hose and Fittings

Whether your application takes you to a manufacturing plant or a maintenance facility for trucks and buses, Eaton Everflex® fluoropolymer hose and fittings have the resilience to battle harsh environments and operate reliably in the toughest situations.

Excelling in a variety of applications where chemical and abrasion resistance, flexibility and non-aging characteristics are essential, Eaton Everflex hose made with TEFLON™ fluoropolymer is the premier hose for trucks, chemicals, hot melt, paper and pulp, hot presses, steam, packaging, paint, machinery and more.

Eaton Everflex fluoropolymer hose and fittings work well in high ambient, fluid or gas media temperature (+450°F) and in cryogenic applications (-65°F) while exceeding SAE 100R14 regulations.

Eaton Everflex fluoropolymer hose and fittings are the dependable choice, frequently relied upon in critical situations where failure is not an option, such as gauge lines on self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) units made for emergency rescues.

Eaton Everflex fluoropolymer hose can maintain a high flow rate while remaining resistant to abrasions and high impulse occurrences. Their anti-stick properties ensure continuous lower pressure drop during service with good pressure rating.

When used as a compressor discharge line, these hoses can handle an array of substances such as adhesives, asphalt, dyes, greases, glue, latex, lacquers and paints without carbon build-up. Eaton Everflex fluoropolymer hose and fittings have a broad range of chemical resistance as they are inert to most commercial chemicals, acids, alcohols, coolants, elastomers, petroleum compounds, solvents, vinyl, synthetic lubricants and hydraulic fluids, and are compatible with steam applications.

Eaton Everflex fluoropolymer hose can convey materials, fluids or gases and won’t transfer contaminates to its surrounding environments. EverFlex is easy to clean and sterilize for FDA or pharmaceutical applications.

Eaton Everflex fluoropolymer hose and fittings are also resistant to deterioration, impervious to weather and can be stored for long periods of time without aging. For a reliable hose that you can always count on, look no further than Eaton’s Everflex!


Teflon™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC used under license by Eaton Hydraulics LLC