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Brewing is a complex process. One small change in procedure or ingredients can make the difference between an award-winning beer or a product that gets dumped down the drain. At Omni Services we appreciate how much time and effort goes into brewing a good beer, so we offer premium brewery hoses, durable brewery hose assemblies, and reliable sanitary fittings that will let you brew worry-free.

Brewery hoses are the lifelines that carry your beer throughout the entire brewing process, from vat to bottle, can or tap. In the same vein, fittings create the pivotal connections between the network of brewery transfer hoses and fluid destinations. These components are instrumental in the success of any brewery operation, and just like selecting the right hops or malt for your beer, choosing the right brewery equipment can make or break your end product.

We stock a wide assortment of sanitary & FDA-compliant fluid conveyance products designed specifically for the food and beverage industry, including brewery transfer hose, washdown hose, sanitary fittings, nozzles, pressure relief valves, check valves, sight glasses, quick disconnects and couplers, gauges, thermometers and much more. Omni Services partners with premier suppliers like Continental, ASCO, Kobold, Steel O’Brien and others to bring you the premium products you need to move your brewery operation forward.

At Omni Services, we pride ourselves on being the fluid conveyance experts. We enjoy the process of understanding your fluid conveyance needs and engineering a personalized solution for you. Nearly all of our product inventory is fully customizable and there is no problem too complex for us to handle. So, whether you are a village microbrewery just starting up, or an established multinational brewing company looking to upgrade your operation’s efficiency, Omni Services has the expertise and ability to create your perfect fluid conveyance solution. Learn about some of our most popular brewery products below.



Popular Brewery Hose Options

Continental Extremeflex Beverage

Continental ExtremeFlex Beverage is one of our most popular brewery hoses.

Boasting FDA compliant construction and an EZ clean cover that prevents contaminant build up, ExtremeFlex Beverage is a versatile brewery hose that is easy to move and clean quickly.

It is ideal for smaller brewing operations that require tight bend areas and frequent hose movement.

Continental Vintner

Continental Vintner is another of our favorite brewery hose offerings.

This hose has a stellar safety factor (4:1), FDA/USA compliance and sports a spiral-plied synthetic fabric reinforcement with a monofilament helix that makes the hose both kink proof and crush proof.

Vintner is a perfect fit for transferring liquids in either truck to plant or in-plant applications.

Continental Purple Snake

Continental Purple Snake is the ideal hose for breweries, wineries and bottling plants looking for the most robust product to handle the most extreme operating conditions.

Featuring FDA compliance, increased flexibility and pressure resistance, as well as a high-performing special food-safe lining that is neutral to taste and odor, it is easy to see why Purple Snake is the industry standard for food and beverage operations across the globe.

Sanitary Fittings

Choosing the right fittings for your operation is essential and just as important as selecting the right brewery hose for your assembly.

In an industry like brewing, where you have thousands of gallons of liquid moving from location to location, the quality of your fitting and the integrity of its connection with the hose can be the difference between a seamless operation and a massive spill.

Another concern that is just as important, perhaps even more so, is preserving the quality and safety of your beer. Cheap or incorrectly sized fittings allow bacteria to quickly build up inside of them, compromising the sanctity of your product and putting your customers and business at risk.

Omni Services offers premium, FDA compliant sanitary fittings from trusted suppliers like Dixon Sanitary, Steel O’Brien and more. Designed to eliminate bacteria and streamline your brewing process, these sanitary fittings are required for any serious brewery.

Check out our page on Sanitary Fittings here or contact us to find out more!

Attachment Methods

There are three primary attachment methods used to assemble a brewery hose assembly: banding, crimping, and internal expansion.

Banding is the fastest and least expensive way to assemble hoses, however there are no standards for how tight to torque these bands. This leads to assemblers having to operate on “feel,” which can lead to incorrectly made hose assemblies that do not function properly and could cause harm to your machine or its operator.

The second attachment method is called internal expansion. In this method, the fitting is expanded into a sleeve after being placed inside the hose. Although more complex and time consuming, a benefit of using internal expansion is that the fitting becomes flush with the hose wall, thereby eliminating any places for bacteria or other sediment to build up and resulting in a cleaner hose assembly.

Finally, crimping is the safest and most reliable method for creating a brewery hose assembly. Using a crimp machine that compresses a fitting and collar onto a fitting shank inside the hose, the crimping method creates a seamless and exceptionally tight connection between the hose and fitting. By employing an exact compression ratio, crimping ensures a leak-proof connection.

Check out our video on best brewery practices and attachment methods below!

Process Components

  • Instrument Valves
  • Instrument Fittings
  • Tubing & Tubing Supports
  • Quick Connect Couplings
  • Push to Connect Fittings

  • PolymerTubing, Fittings & Hose
  • Sanitary Tubing, Fittings & Valves
  • Elastomeric Products
  • Gauges & Transducers
  • Filters & Regulators

  • Pneumatic Pumps
  • PTFE Hose Assemblies
  • Stainless Steel Formed Tube Assemblies
  • Pharmaceutical Hose Assemblies (FDA Rated)
  • High Pressure Fittings

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Lauren Witter – Product Director for Industrial Hose

Lauren Witter came to Omni services in 2006 and is the product director for industrial hose.

Lauren has over 15 years of experience in the industrial hose industry and is a go-to resource for our customers and sales team when it comes to design and engineering demanding applications. On the weekends you’ll find him biking or riding his Harley.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with him.

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