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Tubing and Tubing Supports

We are the fluid conveyance specialists. Omni Services excels at engineering fluid conveyance solutions for even the most complex systems. With over 40 years in the industry, our Omni Services team has seen it all, and our depth of experience has allowed us to master our fluid conveyance expertise across a vast array of mediums.

At Omni Services, we create solutions using rubber hose, hard wall formed tubing, soft wall tubing and pipe, among other types of materials. We serve the fluid conveyance needs of all industrial and sanitary applications. Whether you build process equipment, high-purity medical devices or power generation units, Omni Services can safely and quickly identify, engineer and fabricate a customized solution for your application. Our Formed Tube division manufactures both flexible and rigid tube and hose products for a variety of applications.

Our inventory includes hose and tube products adept at combatting searing temperatures and high pressures in extreme environments, hybrid formed tube and hose assemblies and more. We create production tube assemblies with a roster of different metals, including hard wall stainless steel, aluminum and even copper.

We also collaborate directly with manufacturers working with PVC and more specialized materials like formed metric polymetric tubing to produce customized assemblies that are tailored to the customer’s exact specifications. If you have a fluid conveyance problem, trust the fluid conveyance specialists to solve it – contact Omni Services today.

Product Description:

Regardless of your tube assembly, whether you utilize hard wall stainless steel tube assemblies or soft wall tube assemblies, every operation needs a way to firmly affix the assembly where you need it to be. Tubing supports do just that and more. Aside from conveniently holding tube assemblies in place, a high-quality tube support can also dampen vibration and maximize the life of your tubing by depleting friction, an effect which is particularly helpful in hydraulic systems. From plated steel routing clips to industrial pipe clamps, Omni Services has the tubing support products you need for your application.

SSP Seamless Stainless Steel

SSP hard wall tubing is tolerance controlled to tight standards in order to assure superior leak proof tube fitting assemblies and fabrication. SSP offer seamless, straight length T316 stainless steel tubing in sizes from 1/8 to 1 inch and 6 to 12mm, in various wall thicknesses.

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All Altaflo products are available in coiled configurations. We can manufacture to your exact dimensions and needs. Please contact us to discuss the specific details of your application.

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Formed Alloy Tubing

Omni Services’ Formed Tubing Division creates hard wall solutions to customers seeking rigid metal connections.

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Freelin-Wade Catalog

The Freelin-Wade company sets the standard for quality plastic tubing. All of their tubing is extruded in the USA. This catalog describes their wide selection of standard tubing, hose and accessories, all of which are available through Omni Services

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Formed & Molded Polymeric Tubing

Formed and molded polymetric tubing usually specified by Original Equipment Manufacturers delivers flexible poly tube configurations formed and molded to fit tight space restrictions.

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