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Water hoses ensure the safe and uncompromised transfer of water into your application and can include anything from the old green garden hose in your backyard to the pressure washer hose on a sprayer or even a fire hose application. Understanding applications, hose construction and the chemical composition of the hose itself puts Omni Services in a unique position to help you choose the right hose for your application.

Whether its agriculture, construction, industrial manufacturing, fire control, suction and discharge, washdown processes, pressure washing or a specialty use, Omni’s team of fluid conveyance specialists can help you find the best water hose for your application.

As an Elite distributor with industry leader Continental, we stock many of the best water hoses on the market. Made with superior raw materials, designed for high performance and easy to connect into any system, Continental water hoses are built to last and ready to tackle anything you throw at them. Whether you are watering your lawn, growing hundreds of acres of produce or putting out a fire, Omni Services has the water hose for you. Check out our full selection below!

Need help? Let us help you find the best water hose for your application, it’s what we do.


Suction & Discharge Hose

Water suction and discharge hoses vacuum water out of areas or pump water into places, depending on your application. With durable covers that have high abrasion resistance, suction and discharge hoses are suited for mild to heavy-duty applications such as agricultural uses, septic cleaning, industrial, mining, construction and more.

PVC Hoses

PVC water hoses are general purpose workhorses that are lightweight and movable without sacrificing the durability that Continental is known for. Designed for medium-duty work, these flexible water hoses perform well in construction, agricultural, and light industrial applications.

Contractor Water Hoses

This heavy-duty water hose is for landscaping and construction contractors that need a reliable, tough hose with a long life expectancy.

With high abrasion resistance to battle the elements, improved ozone resistance to prevent the hose cover from cracking, and even crush-proof brass fittings, the contractor water hose will perform well everyday rain, snow or shine.

Fire Booster

Continental’s Fire Engine Booster hose is a flexible high-pressure, high-performance hose that is designed to fight fires. This hose is made from durable synthetic rubber and has a temperature operation range of 0°F to 180°F. While its main use is firefighting, the Fire Engine Booster hose also performs well in municipal and heavy-duty applications.

Fire Hose

Continental’s CONTI® Fire hose CO2 is the ultimate water hose for emergencies when you need one most. Designed to be durable, temperature flexible and lightweight, this high-pressure water hose is easy to handle and perfect for mobile fire extinguishers.

Fire hose CO2 can also function as a bunker hose, and exceeds in heavy fuel oil, motor gas and hot bitumen transportation.


Waterblast hoses are high-pressure water hoses that allow the user to control an intense and high-volume stream of water. These hoses are typically used in industrial cleaning and washdown applications, like within paper mills for example, where the buildup of pulp needs to be eliminated with a powerful force.

Waterblast hoses are compatible with high-pressure hose nozzles and variable water hose spray nozzles that adjust the stream to get into those hard-to-reach places, making them an integral tool for any washdown operation.

Pressure Washer

Pressure washer hoses are durable & reliable water pump hoses built to withstand extraordinary stress and perform in high-intensity operations.

Designed for steam cleaner machines and industrial pressure washing systems, these hoses can operate with extreme pressures up to 4,500 PSI without fear of leakage or corrupted lines.


Lauren Witter – Product Director for Industrial Hose

Lauren Witter came to Omni services in 2006 and is the product director for industrial hose.

Lauren has over 15 years of experience in the industrial hose industry and is a go-to resource for our customers and sales team when it comes to design and engineering demanding applications. On the weekends you’ll find him biking or riding his Harley.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with him.

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