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Brewery Hoses & Sanitary Fittings

Just as our customers have been serving up some great beer, wine and liquor, Omni has long been serving up the right hose and connector combinations to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Because Omni prides itself on being a fluid conveyance specialist and has been working with the brewery industry for many years, we can help source the right product by application. Whether it is brewery hose, washdown hose or sanitary fittings, Omni Services has what brewers need.


Because the beer or liquor that is transferred through a brewery hose is meant for consumption, it is essential that the brewery hose is fabricated in the proper manner. Hoses that are mis-crimped in the fabrication process can cause bacteria build-up after being put into service and especially after a clean-in-place (CIP) process has been performed. Omni Services can properly attach fittings to the customer requirements for all three industry acceptable attachment methods: banding, crimping and internal expansion. Check out the video below for an in-depth look.


Working with premier suppliers like Continental, we can provide premium quality hoses at varying price points, all fabricated to the highest standards. From the world renowned Purple Snake to the versatile ExtremeFlex Beverage, Omni Services has the stock and knowledge to help you choose the right product for your brewery, winery or distillery.

ContiTech ExtremeFlex

Beverage hose with EZ Clean Cover is ideal for beer, wine, distillery and beverage (edible liquid) transfer processing facilities.

ContiTech Vintner

For handling in-plant and/or tank truck transfer of wine, beer, potable water and other non-oily liquid foodstuffs.

ContiTech Purple Snake

The ideal hose for breweries, winepresses, bottlers and many other installations in the brewing, beverage and spirits industry.