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Food and Beverage Hose

The food and beverage industry is enormous and diverse, but regardless of what you make or sell, ensuring your product is safe for consumption is guaranteed to be one of your biggest concerns. Food and beverage hoses are unique hoses made to be FDA and USDA-compliant that protect your food or drink from contamination during the transfer process.


They protect your product from harm, your customers from potential sickness, and further protect you and your business from liability and painful lawsuits. Whether you are moving grain into or out of a silo, transferring beer between brewery tanks, or even just operating a soda line at your restaurant, food grade hoses are integral to your business. At Omni Services, we believe in providing high-quality, reliable hoses that will get the job done safely and efficiently.

That is why we partner with Continental, one of the world’s premier industrial hose manufacturers, to ensure that our customers get the very best premium hoses on the market. We offer a full line of Continental food grade hoses, including brewery hose, dry food transfer hose, liquid food transfer hose, washdown hose and more.

All of these food grade hoses are manufactured with superior raw materials that give each hose a strong cover that is reinforced by double wire helixes, while ensuring the hose does not leave any unwanted odors or tastes along the way. With increased durability and abrasion resistance, Continental’s food grade hoses are perfect for any type of working environment. We can also assist in finding the right fittings for your hose based on your application, so whether you just need a couple of sanitary fittings, or an entirely new brewery hose assembly, we can find you the food grade hose and fittings you need to take keep your operation moving. Check out some of our food and beverage hose options below!

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Brewery transfer hoses are food grade hoses designed specifically to transport and contain beer, wine, and substances with high alcohol content. Rugged and reliable, these hoses utilize crushproof covers with high abrasion resistance that guarantee long working lives whether they are behind the taproom bar or on the manufacturing floor.

Click here to get to know our full line of Continental brewery hoses, including the proper attachment methods.

Dry Food Transfer Hose

Dry transfer food hoses are used to convey dry food within an internal system or from plant to truck. Flexible and light weight, these hoses employ FDA & USDA compliant tube with a corrugated outer cover for tough but clean product conveyance.

These hoses excel in gravity flow, pressure or suction services, and with a working temperature range of -25° to 212° (F), Continental’s dry food transfer hoses can be used in any kind of working environment.

Liquid Food Transfer Hose

Liquid transfer hoses convey potable water and consumable liquids safely and efficiently in a variety of applications, including brewing, distilling, municipal water services and much more. Also known as beverage hoses, liquid food transfer hoses are built with durable NBR (Nitrile) rubber that is odorless, tasteless, and boasts high resistances to abrasion, UV, Ozone and fats and oils.

Continental’s liquid food transfer hoses have a working temperature range of -22° to 194° (F) and are suitable for most working environments.

Food Washdown Hose

Food washdown hoses are vital to maintaining a clean and sanitary working environment. Used widely in dairies, packing houses, breweries, canneries, creameries and food processing plants.

Continental food washdown hoses operate within a temperature range of -20° to 210° (F) which makes them perfect for hot water washdown and sanitization operations.

Built with FDA compliant Nitrile synthetic rubber, these hoses feature high abrasion and oil resistance, an especially valuable quality when used in the presence of excess oil and animal fats. Additionally,

Continental washdown hoses feature cutting-edge Microban® antimicrobial protection that is built into the lining of the hose itself.

Microban® eliminates bacteria and defends your washdown hose from potentially harmful germs that would otherwise buildup and compromise your product.

For the safest and most effective washdown operations, trust Continental washdown hoses to get the job done.

Potable Water Hose

Continental potable water hoses are liquid transfer hoses made to handle and deliver fresh, drinkable water to homes and businesses.

These hoses use FDA-approved natural rubber tubing and durable EPDM covers to ensure your drinking water does not get compromised on the way from the well to your tap.

Continental’s Plicord® Clearwater hose, the industry leader in potable water hose maintains NSF/ANSI 61 certification from global public health organization NSF International, a highly sought-after achievement that demonstrates the excellence of Continental potable water hoses.


Lauren Witter – Product Director for Industrial Hose

Lauren Witter came to Omni services in 2006 and is the product director for industrial hose.

Lauren has over 15 years of experience in the industrial hose industry and is a go-to resource for our customers and sales team when it comes to design and engineering demanding applications. On the weekends you’ll find him biking or riding his Harley.

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