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Air and Multi Purpose Hose

Air and multipurpose hoses are used in some fashion to support virtually any and every application on the planet. The best air hoses are built to be resilient and easily adapted to any task that requires the efficient transfer of air, even air with some light oil, throughout a closed system. Air hoses are most commonly used to power pneumatic control systems, but air hoses can do almost anything, from filling up tires, to spraying agricultural products, powering industrial manufacturing, and even serving as breathing hoses in hazardous or underwater environments.

Due to their unparalleled versatility and the high demand for quality general service hoses, air hoses come in a multitude of different sizes, shapes and technical abilities, so finding the correct air hose for your application can seem like a daunting task. That is where Omni Services comes in. With over 40 years of experience, the fluid conveyance experts at Omni Services will quickly identify the best air hose for you based on your application and needs, so that you can spend less time searching for the right hose and more time running your business.

As an Elite Distributor for Continental Industrial hose, we ensure that our customers have access to the latest in air hose technology and the best products on the market. The Omni team also has an intimate understanding of air hose fittings, including quick connects, push on fittings and crimped fittings, and we can easily assist you with selecting and assembling the correct air hose fittings for your new hose. From high-pressure air hose, flexible air hose, durable bull air hose, air compressor hose and everything in between, Omni Services will help you find the best air hose for your application. Learn more about our selections below!

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General Purpose

Simply put, general purpose air hoses can do it all. Adaptable to most applications, including construction, factory manufacturing, agriculture, and even more abrasive industrial uses like mining, shipbuilding and the oil and gas industry, Continental general purpose air hoses are high performance air hoses that will function reliably and get the job done.

Continental air hoses feature new high-tech upgrades like best-in-class abrasion resistance thanks to advanced, highly durable covers, crush resistance in all sizes, and maximum working pressure ratings of 500 psi.

These hoses have a working temperature range of -20° to 190° (F) and are available in sizes from ¼” to 2”. With all these perks, it is easy to see why Continental general purpose air hoses like Gorilla® and Frontier™ are so popular the world over.

Heavy Duty

Continental heavy duty air hoses are for reliable air service in demanding applications and environments. Common applications for heavy duty air hoses are mining, construction, quarry operations and other tasks that require high-pressure air hoses to perform well in challenging tasks.

Continental offers multiple heavy duty air hose models designed to fit the application, including versatile general service air hoses like the Super Ortac®, heavy-duty air compressor hoses like bull hose, and specialized hoses for particular industries like the Steel Air and Plicord® Super Rock Drill for use in mining and quarries.

Regardless of their applications, heavy duty air hoses are constructed with state-of-the-art nitrile synthetic rubber, feature additional steel wire reinforcement, and are rated for maximum working pressures between 500 and 1,000 psi. If you work in harsh industrial applications, you need the best of the best – you need a Continental heavy duty air hose.

Push On

Continental push on air hoses provide all the benefits of general service air hoses with the added feature of utilizing push-on fittings. Designed for use in low-pressure hydraulic pneumatic operations, such as robotics, shop air systems, general industrial, maintenance and automotive assembly applications, push on air hoses are incredibly useful and easy to operate.

Their advanced durable covers give push on air hoses strong resistance to weather, abrasion and oil, and come in many different color options. Push on air hoses perform best in temperatures that range from -40° to 210° (F) and are available in air hose reels of 500 feet.


Lauren Witter – Product Director for Industrial Hose

Lauren Witter came to Omni services in 2006 and is the product director for industrial hose.

Lauren has over 15 years of experience in the industrial hose industry and is a go-to resource for our customers and sales team when it comes to design and engineering demanding applications. On the weekends you’ll find him biking or riding his Harley.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with him.

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