Omni Services, Inc. Receives IDCO 2021 Outstanding Member Award

Omni Services, Inc. Receives IDCO 2021 Outstanding Member Award

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Omni Services, Inc. Receives IDCO 2021 Outstanding Member Award

We are proud to announce that Omni Services, Inc. has earned the Outstanding Member Award from the Industrial Distributor Cooperative (IDCO) for 2021. The award recognizes Omni Services as a top member of the cooperative, founded in 1993 to increase purchasing power among independent, family-owned distributors serving the hose and connectors industry. Now with over seventy members, IDCO is at the leading edge of the fluid conveyance industry, and it is a tremendous honor to be recognized as an outstanding member of the group.

 In the face of unprecedented material shortages and supply chain issues, Omni Services utilized the extensive IDCO network to give our customers the best product quality and service possible. Buying from IDCO-approved suppliers allows Omni to widen the breadth of our product catalog and services to new and existing customers. In 2021, Omni Services bought from nearly forty IDCO-approved suppliers, increasing our IDCO purchases by 44% over the last year. This dramatic growth exemplifies Omni’s commitment to constantly improving our customer offering.

Omni Services 2021 IDCO Outstanding Member ward

Omni’s Chief Financial Officer, Karen Brandvold, was on hand to accept the award at last week’s 2022 IDCO Expo along with a team of Omni employees. Brandvold writes, 

“We are honored to be recognized as an Outstanding IDCO member and proud to be a part of the IDCO organization, which is dedicated to helping family-owned independent distributors grow and survive in today’s competitive market.  The success of independent distributors ensures customers have continued access to a broad array of products and services.  We look forward to growing along with IDCO in the future.”

 Omni Services has been a member of IDCO since 2018.

About IDCO

The Independent Distributors Cooperative, or IDCO, was formed in 1993 with the purpose of leveling the playing field for industrial distributors in the face of large corporate distributors, or ‘big box’ distributors, attempting to monopolize the industry.

IDCO Website:

Brewery Hose & Sanitary Fittings

Brewery Hose & Sanitary Fittings

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Brewery Hoses & Sanitary Fittings

Just as our customers have been serving up some great beer, wine and liquor, Omni has long been serving up the right hose and connector combinations to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Because Omni prides itself on being a fluid conveyance specialist and has been working with the brewery industry for many years, we can help source the right product by application. Whether it is brewery hose, washdown hose or sanitary fittings, Omni Services has what brewers need.


Because the beer or liquor that is transferred through a brewery hose is meant for consumption, it is essential that the brewery hose is fabricated in the proper manner. Hoses that are mis-crimped in the fabrication process can cause bacteria build-up after being put into service and especially after a clean-in-place (CIP) process has been performed. Omni Services can properly attach fittings to the customer requirements for all three industry acceptable attachment methods: banding, crimping and internal expansion. Check out the video below for an in-depth look.


Working with premier suppliers like Continental, we can provide premium quality hoses at varying price points, all fabricated to the highest standards. From the world renowned Purple Snake to the versatile ExtremeFlex Beverage, Omni Services has the stock and knowledge to help you choose the right product for your brewery, winery or distillery.

ContiTech ExtremeFlex

Beverage hose with EZ Clean Cover is ideal for beer, wine, distillery and beverage (edible liquid) transfer processing facilities.

ContiTech Vintner

For handling in-plant and/or tank truck transfer of wine, beer, potable water and other non-oily liquid foodstuffs.

ContiTech Purple Snake

The ideal hose for breweries, winepresses, bottlers and many other installations in the brewing, beverage and spirits industry.

Eaton EverFlex Hose and Fittings

Eaton EverFlex Hose and Fittings

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Eaton EverFlex Hose and Fittings

Whether your application takes you to a manufacturing plant or a maintenance facility for trucks and buses, Eaton Everflex® fluoropolymer hose and fittings have the resilience to battle harsh environments and operate reliably in the toughest situations.

Excelling in a variety of applications where chemical and abrasion resistance, flexibility and non-aging characteristics are essential, Eaton Everflex hose made with TEFLON™ fluoropolymer is the premier hose for trucks, chemicals, hot melt, paper and pulp, hot presses, steam, packaging, paint, machinery and more.

Eaton Everflex fluoropolymer hose and fittings work well in high ambient, fluid or gas media temperature (+450°F) and in cryogenic applications (-65°F) while exceeding SAE 100R14 regulations.

Eaton Everflex fluoropolymer hose and fittings are the dependable choice, frequently relied upon in critical situations where failure is not an option, such as gauge lines on self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) units made for emergency rescues.

Eaton Everflex fluoropolymer hose can maintain a high flow rate while remaining resistant to abrasions and high impulse occurrences. Their anti-stick properties ensure continuous lower pressure drop during service with good pressure rating.

When used as a compressor discharge line, these hoses can handle an array of substances such as adhesives, asphalt, dyes, greases, glue, latex, lacquers and paints without carbon build-up. Eaton Everflex fluoropolymer hose and fittings have a broad range of chemical resistance as they are inert to most commercial chemicals, acids, alcohols, coolants, elastomers, petroleum compounds, solvents, vinyl, synthetic lubricants and hydraulic fluids, and are compatible with steam applications.

Eaton Everflex fluoropolymer hose can convey materials, fluids or gases and won’t transfer contaminates to its surrounding environments. EverFlex is easy to clean and sterilize for FDA or pharmaceutical applications.

Eaton Everflex fluoropolymer hose and fittings are also resistant to deterioration, impervious to weather and can be stored for long periods of time without aging. For a reliable hose that you can always count on, look no further than Eaton’s Everflex!


Teflon™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC used under license by Eaton Hydraulics LLC


    ASCO Partners with Omni Services

    ASCO Partners with Omni Services

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    ASCO Partners with Omni Services

    Omni Services is proud to announce that we are now a distributor of ASCO valves. The ASCO brand is one of the most recognizable names in the world of fluid process control products and is part of the global engineering and technology giant Emerson. ASCO has manufactured solenoid valves for decades, and we are excited to offer these quality fluid control products to our valued customers.

    Valves are critical to all fluid conveyance systems – using a strong and dependable valve will help your operation run smoothly, while the wrong valve can spell disaster. As an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of industrial valves, ASCO has an all-encompassing product catalog that includes solenoid valves, solenoid control valves, electronically enhanced valves, air operated valves, solenoid water valves, miniature valves and more.


    View Solenoid Valves

    ASCO Solenoid Valves and Valve Products

    ASCO RedHat solenoid valves are incredibly versatile and ready to handle any fluid conveyance challenge. Known as the go-to general purpose valve, ASCO solenoid valves have long service lives due to their durable construction from premium materials. Additionally, they are highly adaptable, designed for dual wiring options (AC or DC) and mountable in two-way, three-way and four-way configurations. With all this in mind, it is easy to see why ASCO solenoid valves are the ultimate general service valves on the market.

    ASCO valves are designed to perform in the most demanding industrial applications for air, water, oil, steam and any fluid conveyance operation in which failure is not an option. Dozens of industries across the world depend on ASCO valves for safety and continued operational success, including power generation, machining, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, cryogenics and more. ASCO valves – they do their job so you can do yours. Contact Omni Services today for more information on ASCO products.

      Plicord Flexwing Petroleum Hose

      Plicord Flexwing Petroleum Hose

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      What is Plicord Flexwing Petroleum Hose?

      Plicord Flexwing is an industrial hose designed for the transfer of petroleum-based products. Flexwing hoses incorporate many features, such as nitrile synthetic rubber and Continental ContiTech Insta-Lock couplings. Plicord Flexwing hoses are available in an array of specifications to meet most industrial transfer hose needs.


      Flexwing industrial hoses can be implemented in both tanker truck service applications, along with interior plant operations. The Flexwing hose is meant for transferring fluids, such as gasoline, oil, and ethanol, up to 50% aromatic content. Plicord Flexwing is made for pressure, gravity flow, and full-suction service, making it useful in a variety of applications.

      Who Made It?

      The Plicord Flexwing is made by Continental ContiTech, formerly known as Goodyear. Continental ContiTech is known as a leader in the market for rubber and plastics technology. They produce an assortment of high quality components for automobiles and industrial equipment.

      Plicord Flexwing Hose

      Improved Flexibility – The Plicord Flexwing Petroleum series of industrial hoses incorporate a spiral wire helix, which makes the hose more flexible than most standard industrial hoses.

      This increased flexibility means that the Flexwing Petroleum hose can accommodate more applications than ever. Furthermore, the wire helix also adds strength to the industrial hose.

      Lighter Weight – Industrial hoses are often heavy and cumbersome, making them difficult to use. The Flexwing Petroleum is made from nitrile synthetic rubber, which not only has a high resistance to oil; it is also light-weight, making for easier operation and portability. In addition, the hose is wrapped in smooth, black synthetic rubber, which helps keep the materials light.

      Brand Improvement – Industrial hose misidentification can lead to equipment downtime and could result in possible operator injury. Continental ContiTech has taken this into consideration with their Plicord Flexwing Petroleum hoses, and thus redesigned the branding using brighter colors, so that the hoses can be easily identified.