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A spiral hydraulic hose, or spiral hose, is a high-pressure hydraulic hose that is a critical part of hydraulic systems used throughout dozens of industries. Spiral hoses are named after their reinforcement layer, which is made from multiple layers of wires (usually either four or six) that
are wrapped together in alternating directions and stacked, thereby creating a “spiral” shape.

Of the two primary types of rubber hydraulic hoses, braided or spiral, spiral hydraulic hose is preferred for high pressure applications and extreme conditions where the added rigidity of its spiral construction makes it a stronger and safer choice than the more flexible braided hydraulic hose. However, due to this rigidity, the bend radius of spiral hose is significantly less than that of braided hose. As in all things, which type of hose to choose depends on the application.

Spiral hoses are dependable and tough high-pressure hydraulic hoses that will get heavy duty jobs done safely and efficiently. They are popular in industries such as construction, mining, agriculture, highway maintenance, and any application that deals with high peak pressures and rigorous operating conditions. Spiral hydraulic hoses are versatile and widely sought-after. Because of this, there are many distinct categories, types, and sizes of spiral hose, so it can be difficult and quite overwhelming to find the right hose and size for your operation.

For over 45 years, Omni Services has provided high-quality custom hydraulic hoses and assemblies to our customers. Our staff has designed, sourced, fabricated and installed fluid conveyance systems for virtually every kind of company, from local petrochemical clean-up services to international mining conglomerates.

Regardless of industry or application, we believe in providing our customers with high quality service and premium products. To that end, we partner with premier suppliers like Danfoss Power Solutions (formerly Eaton Hydraulics) to ensure that our customers get the best hydraulic hoses on the market.

Danfoss produces a wide array of high quality spiral hydraulic hoses for every application and offers some of the most popular product lines in the world, including the legendary Aeroquip MatchMate Global line, the cost-effective Winner line, Aeroquip AQP, Bruiser and much more. For the best spiral hose to effectively control high pressures, surges and keep your operation running, look no further than Danfoss Power Solutions and Omni Services.

As a Danfoss Diamond distributor, we ensure that our customers have access to the latest in hydraulic hose technology and the best products on the market. Danfoss spiral hoses and high-pressure hydraulic hoses feature pressure, temperature and abrasion resistance that exceed all industry standards, making them reliable and long-lasting assets to your business. Learn more about popular spiral hoses below or contact us today so we can find you the perfect hydraulic hose for your operation!


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