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Petroleum Transfer

Petroleum transfer hoses are sturdy industrial hoses designed to convey oil, fuel and other petroleum-based products in a wide variety of applications and environments. Petroleum transfer hoses are used every day by millions of people worldwide. From actions as simple as filling a car’s fuel tank with a fuel hose at a gas station, to harvesting petroleum from inside the earth with a petroleum suction and discharge hose, petroleum transfer hoses are integral to running our society.

In both heavy-duty industrial applications that involve petroleum transfer hoses, such as onshore and offshore drilling and aircraft refueling, and common petroleum transfer operations like gas station fuel dispensing, a faulty fuel hose or hose failure can spell major disaster for you, your business, and our planet. If you deal with petroleum, you need a dependable petroleum hose that will transport fuel safely and effectively one hundred percent of the time.

At Omni Services, we recognize this need for high quality, reliable fuel hoses, and over the last 40 years we have made it our mission to provide our customers with the best fluid conveyance products on the market.

We are an Elite Distributor with industrial hose titan Continental and offer a variety of premium petroleum transfer hoses, including oil and gas delivery hose, petroleum aircraft fueling hose, petroleum dispensing hose, petroleum transfer suction and discharge hoses and more. Whether you are looking for a fuel dispensing hose for your gas station or an underwater fuel transfer hose for your offshore drilling rig, Omni Services will find you the best hose for your application. Check out our full selection of petroleum transfer hoses below!

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Aircraft Fueling Hose

Continental aircraft fueling hoses convey high octane jet fuel to fuel and refuel commercial and private aircraft. These hoses have a high working pressure and are suitable for both over and under wing refueling operations.

Made with Nitrile synthetic rubber and static dissipating/static conducting Wingprene®, these hoses operate in temperatures between -35° and 200° (F) and excel in most working environments.

Fuel Oil Delivery Hose

Continental fuel oil delivery hoses, like the Redwing® Fuel Oil hose, are high-performance hoses made to transport and deliver fuel oil for residential, commercial and industrial use.

With a smooth cover for minimal drag resistance and internal double-braided construction to increase strength and reduce kinking, the Redwing® Fuel Oil hose is the perfect hose for all fuel delivery applications.

Liquid Propane Gas Delivery

Continental’s liquid propane gas (LPG) delivery hoses are designed to support easy and safe delivery of liquid propane gas to residences as well as portable heaters.

Made with black nitrile rubber that improves cold weather performance and decreases drag resistance, Continental LPG deliver hoses are UL, CGA and DOT certified and ideal for all liquid propane gas applications.

Curb Pump

Continental curb pump petroleum transfer hoses are designed for gas station and curbside petroleum pumping applications.

Continental’s Flexsteel® Futura™ employ ultra-tough covers that defend the hose from cracks and other wear and tear, thereby extending its service life.

The Flexsteel® Futura™ can dispense a wide variety of fuels, and has superb kink resistance due to its wire braid construction, making it the most versatile and effective curb pump hose on the market.

Oil Suction and Discharge

For transferring gasoline, oil, and other petroleum-based products in tank truck or in-plant applications, Continental’s oil suction and discharge hoses are second to none.

Built with nitrile synthetic rubber that boasts a high oil resistance, these hoses are flexible, light weight and mobile. Continental OSD hoses operate efficiently in pressure, gravity flow or full suction service and are sure to improve your oil suction and discharge operation.

Fuel Drop Hose / Vapor Recovery Hose

Vapor recovery hoses are vital for controlling unwanted spills of excess gasoline and are most often used at bulk terminals during tank truck fuel loading or during the unloading of the gasoline at individual service stations.

Continental’s vapor recovery hose features a transparent polyurethane construction and cover so you can observe the fuel being recovered, while its rigid Pliovic helix reinforcement ensures the hose will operate efficiently and safely even in harsh environments.

Designed for use in temperatures from -30° to 150° (F), Continental vapor recovery hoses can be shipped in lengths of 100’.


Lauren Witter – Product Director for Industrial Hose

Lauren Witter came to Omni services in 2006 and is the product director for industrial hose.

Lauren has over 15 years of experience in the industrial hose industry and is a go-to resource for our customers and sales team when it comes to design and engineering demanding applications. On the weekends you’ll find him biking or riding his Harley.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with him.

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