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Twin / Multi-Line Thermoplastic Hose

Danfoss Synflex Optimum twin line thermoplastic hydraulic hoses are a fantastic option for medium to high-pressure hydraulic systems that require multiple lines and wish to avoid tangled hoses. Taking advantage of thermoplastic hoses’ ability to be thermoformed into a customized shape, the twin line product offering melds two Synflex Optimum thermoplastic hoses together into one contiguous unit for excellent maneuverability and simplified fluid conveyance design.

The exact number and type of thermoplastic hoses in the twin line offering can be customized depending on the desired application – we are able to bond medium, high, and constant pressure hoses together, and can bond up to six lines. The thermoplastic hoses maintain their own flows and function as independent lines that are molded together.

These hoses have all of the same advantages of single or double braided thermoplastic hoses, including nylon inner tubes, textile braid reinforcements and polyurethane outer covers for superior chemical, abrasion and environmental resistance. Working pressure and temperature ranges vary depending on the hoses selected.

Danfoss Synflex Optimum twin/multi-lines are truly the ultimate customization option for high performance thermoplastic hydraulic hoses.

Twin/Multi-Line Products

3TR7 Twin-Line (Synflex; Conductive)

3TR7N Twin-Line (Synflex; Non-conductive)

3TR8 Twin-Line (Synflex; Conductive)

3TR8N Twin-Line (Synflex; Non-conductive)

3TR18CT Twin-Line (Synflex, Polyester Tube and Fiber Braid; Conductive)


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