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Six Wire Spiral Hose

Danfoss six wire spiral hoses are incredibly strong products made to be used on critical equipment working in extreme high-pressure environments. Six wire hoses have a synthetic rubber inner tube, a reinforcement layer of six spiral plies of heavy wire wrapped in alternating
directions, and a DURA-TUFF™ synthetic rubber cover.

Six wire spiral hoses are manufactured with Danfoss’ Triple Crown benefit suite of higher temperature ratings, improved working temperatures and better abrasion resistance, all of which lead to a longer hose lifespan. The operating temperature of six wire spiral hoses is roughly 40°F to +250°F, although specialty six wire spiral hoses can have higher or lower ranges than that.

The working pressure for six wire spiral hoses is 5100 psi to 6100 psi, a smaller overall range because these hoses are designed for constant high-pressure applications. Available in sizes from 1 ¼” to 2”, Danfoss six wire spiral hoses are prepared for the highest pressures your operation can muster.

Six Wire Product List

FC500 (Aeroquip by Danfoss; four or six wire)
EC420 (Winner by Danfoss; four or six wire)
EC600 X-FLEX (Winner by Danfoss; four or six wire)
EC810 ICE CHAMPION (Winner by Danfoss; four or six wire)


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