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What is Plicord Flexwing Petroleum Hose?

Plicord Flexwing is an industrial hose designed for the transfer of petroleum-based products. Flexwing hoses incorporate many features, such as nitrile synthetic rubber and Continental ContiTech Insta-Lock couplings. Plicord Flexwing hoses are available in an array of specifications to meet most industrial transfer hose needs.


Flexwing industrial hoses can be implemented in both tanker truck service applications, along with interior plant operations. The Flexwing hose is meant for transferring fluids, such as gasoline, oil, and ethanol, up to 50% aromatic content. Plicord Flexwing is made for pressure, gravity flow, and full-suction service, making it useful in a variety of applications.

Who Made It?

The Plicord Flexwing is made by Continental ContiTech, formerly known as Goodyear. Continental ContiTech is known as a leader in the market for rubber and plastics technology. They produce an assortment of high quality components for automobiles and industrial equipment.

Plicord Flexwing Hose

Improved Flexibility – The Plicord Flexwing Petroleum series of industrial hoses incorporate a spiral wire helix, which makes the hose more flexible than most standard industrial hoses.

This increased flexibility means that the Flexwing Petroleum hose can accommodate more applications than ever. Furthermore, the wire helix also adds strength to the industrial hose.

Lighter Weight – Industrial hoses are often heavy and cumbersome, making them difficult to use. The Flexwing Petroleum is made from nitrile synthetic rubber, which not only has a high resistance to oil; it is also light-weight, making for easier operation and portability. In addition, the hose is wrapped in smooth, black synthetic rubber, which helps keep the materials light.

Brand Improvement – Industrial hose misidentification can lead to equipment downtime and could result in possible operator injury. Continental ContiTech has taken this into consideration with their Plicord Flexwing Petroleum hoses, and thus redesigned the branding using brighter colors, so that the hoses can be easily identified.