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Omni PTFE Hose

If you are in need of a hose to handle large temperature variations, high heat, demanding chemical applications or viscous materials, PTFE hose should be a primary consideration. Talk to one of our fluid conveyance specialists to find the right hose for your application and see our brochure featuring Eaton’s Everflex hose and Kongsberg’s PTFE hose.

Eaton Everflex Smooth Bore Hose

There are many applications that require the use of PTFE hose, and the Everflex smooth bore hose by Eaton is a top choice. As the name suggests, Everflex smooth bore hose has a flex life that surpasses that of similar hoses and this adds to its level of durability.

Everflex hose can be implemented in an assortment of different applications where a hose with high temperature and chemical resistance properties is needed. In addition, Everflex hose is perfect for the transfer of highly viscous fluids, which are commonly used in food service and industrial equipment.

Eaton Everflex Conv-O-Crimp

The Everflex Conv-O-Crimp Hose by Eaton is similar to its smooth bore counterpart, however, it can be flexed much more tightly. Not only does the Conv-O-Crimp offer greater flexibility, it also incorporates the use of stainless steel wire reinforcement, along with a Teflon lining, making it suitable for hydraulic and transportation related implementations.

As PTFE hoses increase in diameter, they can become cumbersome, but the material composition of the Conv-O-Crimp hose by Eaton is made from lightweight materials which significantly reduce the overall weight of the hose. The technology used in the Everflex hose make it so that the hose is highly resistant to heat and chemicals, regardless of its decreased weight. Everflex Conv-O-Crimp hose is lined with a static dissipating liner that reduces the chance of electrostatic arcing.

Kongsberg Smooth Bore

The Kongsberg smooth bore PTFE hose is made for applications where fluids with electrical resistive properties are being transferred at high rates. The smooth bore hose comes in a carbon version which provides it with anti-static properties and a steel wire sleeve that keeps the hose from deteriorating during heavy use. The smooth bore hose from Kongsberg does not use any pigments or additives that could be transferred to fluids during flow.

Kongsberg Easyflex

The Easyflex hose is an extruded, convoluted PTFE hose that is designed to transfer fluids at high rates, with a flexibility that is not found in smooth bore hoses. The Easyflex hose is specially designed so that there is no need to de-convolute the hose when attaching fittings, which makes this hose adaptable to a variety of applications.