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Instrumentation Quick Couplings

General instrumentation quick couplings are typically used in general industry applications with working pressures up to 10,000psi. With a wide array of designs, material, sizes, and pressure ranges, these couplings can be used in applications from alternative energy and mining, to aerospace and manufacturing. Omni has a wide array of valved and un-valved options stocked and ready to go for all of your quick coupling needs.

QC Series

The QC series quick connect is one of the most commonly used instrument style quick connects, used in nearly every industry, from every sector of Oil & Gas to medical and bio-pharma. With working pressure up to 3,000psi and material options like brass in medical applications, to most high-nickel alloys, the options for this quick connect are endless.

With key performance benefits like intermix ability and interchangeability with some of the largest brands in the market, and manufacturing standards that exceed the industry standard, our QC Series Quick Connect is best in class.

QF Series

The QF services quick connect has a working pressure of up to 6000psi and a full range of high-nickel alloys material options for your application. With a bidirectional full flow design, this quick connect makes for quick and easy installation and operation, along with interchangeability with some of the largest brands in the market. Featuring smooth and open bores on either end, this un valved quick connect helps minimize pressure drop and allow for easy cleaning.

QV Series

With a working pressure of 2000psi, the QV quick connect series has a large bilateral flow area for a higher flow capacity and material options from brass up to most high-nickel alloys. With a positive valve stop to maintain valve alignment, this also provides metal to metal valve stop to ensure the valves can fully open.

Designed to withstand the higher working pressure range with reliable sealing, the QV series has hardened nipples and sleeves as well as solid bar stock construction, and ball-locking mechanisms to make for a quality coupling and avoid damage from hydraulic and mechanical shock. With a 4:1 safety factor, our QV quick connect will assure reliable connection in your application.

QM Series

The QM series has the option of double end shut off (DESO), single end shut off (SESO) or Full-flow quick connect. These options have a working pressure up to 4000psi with a wide range of material selection, to include exotic alloys. With a 4:1 safety rating and other key performance benefits like interchangeability with some of the largest brands in the market, our QM Series Quick Connect will exceed your expectations for a push-pull style quick connect.

QTM Series

The QTM series is one of a kind in its PTFE sealing design, with push-to-connect functionality for quick and easy operation in your systems. The QTM design is made to reduce air inclusion and spillage with a locking mechanism that has a large contact area to ensure reliable stem retainment while using PTFE sealing to ensure a diverse array of media types can flow easily.

QTM series do not employ O-rings sealing and can be used in high purity applications such as semiconductor fabrication. With a working pressure up to 4500psi, the QTM is available with DESO or SESO with a keyed option available for safety and reliability in multi-circuit scenarios.



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