Flow & Level Controls

Flow control is the regulation and management of the flow of fluids within an industrial process. Accurate and efficient flow control is essential in various industries, including chemical processing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, and manufacturing.

Flow control ensures that the right amount of material is transported or processed, which is critical for maintaining product quality, safety, and process efficiency. Flow control is managed by control valves that regulate the flow of fluids by varying the size of the flow passage based on signals from other independent devices such as temperature gauges or flow meters. Flow meters are instruments that directly measure the flow rate of a fluid passing through the flow passage. Flow meters are one of various flow measurement devices that do this, including: 

  • Digital Flow Meters
  • Gear & Turbine Style Flow Meters
  • Analog Flow Meters
  • Orifice Plate Flow Meters
  • Positive Displacement Flow meters
  • Vortex flow meters
  • Coriolis Flow Meters
  • Rotary Vane Flow Meters
  • Mass Flow Meters

Effective flow control is critical for maintaining the desired conditions in industrial processes, ensuring product quality, reducing waste, and optimizing energy consumption. The choice of flow control method and instruments depends on factors like the type of fluid, flow rate range, precision requirements, and safety considerations specific to the process. If you are unsure what your system may need, Omni Services can help you find the right fit.

 Lever controls are mechanisms used to manipulate and adjust various process parameters, such as the position of control valves, dampers, or other mechanical devices. These lever controls are often employed in industrial settings to manually operate or fine-tune equipment within a larger process system. Lever controls consist of a lever, handle, wheel or crank, to manually operate the control, a linking mechanism to connect the lever to the controlled device, and a feedback mechanism such as a scale or position indicator to provide operators with visual feedback on the current position or setting of the controlled device. These lever controls are most commonly used in manual valve control, damper control, throttle control and mechanical positioning. Omni offers: 

  • Radar Level Transmitters
  • Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
  • Load Cells
  • Continuous Float Level Transmitters
  • Optical Level Sensors



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