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Medium & High Pressure Valves

Medium and High-pressure valves refer to a design, style, and functionality that support working pressures and applications from 10,000psi, all the way up to 60,000psi. Similar to most valves in their operation, they can be functioned manually, or with electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic actuators. While these are similar to general instrumentation valves in the “type & Size”,  medium and high-pressure valves are specialized valves designed to handle fluid flow and pressure conditions significantly above normal operating ranges.

High-pressure valves are used in a variety of industries and processes, including oil and gas exploration, petrochemicals, power generation, aerospace, and alternative fuel, such as Hydrogen. Omni Services offers a full range of these products, from ball, needle and check valves, metering valves and specialized valves for the cryogenic markets.

Ball Valves

are the most common type of process control valve. They are simple to operate, have a wide range of flow rates and are a specific type of ball valve designed for precise flow control in industrial processes.

Process control ball valves offer accurate throttling capabilities, making them suitable for applications where precise regulation of fluid flow is essential.

What makes process control ball valves different? The ball is typically equipped with a flow-controlling trim, such as a V-port or a segmented ball, to achieve more precise throttling.

Needle Valves

are used to control the flow of fluids in pipelines. Gate valves are another type of widely used control valve in fluid systems. They are mainly designed for two positions: fully open or fully closed, they are not recommended for flow control or throttling applications. Gate valves function by raising or lowering a gate or wedge-shaped disk to control fluid flow. They are known for their fast and complete shut-off capabilities and are widely used in various industries for their reliability and bi-directional flow characteristics.

Check Valves

are used to control the flow of fluids in pipes. They are commonly used in applications where the pressure drop across the valve needs to be minimized. Globe valves work by using a movable disk or plug to control the fluid flow through the valve. They offer precise flow control and are suitable for a wide range of applications where accuracy and reliability are crucial.



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