A valve actuator is a mechanical device that uses a power source to open and close a valve. It provides the necessary force or energy to operate the valve, which may be challenging or impractical to do manually due to factors such as the size of the valve, the safety of the operator, or the need for precise control in remote applications.

Omni is a stocking distributor of rotary and linear actuators in Electric, Pneumatic, & Hydraulic configurations. Electric actuators use electric motors to generate motion. They can be controlled using electrical signals and are well-suited for applications that require precise control and automation, commonly used in applications where there is a need for precise control or where there is a need to avoid noise. Pneumatic actuators use compressed air to produce the necessary force for valve operation.

They are commonly used in applications where compressed air is readily available and are typically used in applications where there is a need for high power or where there is a risk of explosion. Hydraulic actuators use hydraulic fluid to generate force. They are suitable for applications involving high force requirements or where hydraulic systems are used.

Some valve actuators are equipped with manual override capabilities, allowing manual operation in case of power or control system failure, these are typically used in applications where there is a need for a low-cost or portable solution. The type of actuator used depends on the application’s requirements, such as the type of fluid, pressure, automation level, and control needs.

Here at Omni Services, we have the ability through supply chain partners and in-house “know how” to provide complete actuated valve assemblies for any application across the broad range of industrial sectors.



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