High Purity Tubing

Omni Service’s Formed Tube division manufactures both flexible and rigid tube and hose products for a variety of high purity applications, along with production capabilities to provide sub-assemblies and system level assemblies for tailor-made applications.

Our inventory includes hose and tube products adept at combating searing temperatures and high pressures in extreme environments, hybrid formed tube, stick or molded tubing and more. We create production tube assemblies with a roster of different metals, including hard wall stainless steel, aluminum and even copper.

When dealing with high purity applications, we know how important it is to have components that will stand up to any fluid or gas in high purity environments.

Coaxial Tubing

Popular in high purity systems is Coaxial tubing. Coaxial tubing, also known as dual-tube or concentric tubing, is a specialized tubing configuration used in ultra-high purity applications where maintaining the cleanliness and purity of transported fluids or gasses is paramount. Coaxial tubing comprises an inner tube and an outer tube that run parallel to each other along the length of the tubing. The inner tube is typically made of materials such as PTFE or PFA, known for their high purity and chemical resistance, while the outer tube is often made of stainless steel or other high-purity materials to provide structural support and protection to the inner tube. The inner process tube meets the high cleanliness and high performance requirements of ultra high purity fluid systems through strict specifications for raw materials,

electropolishing, cleaning and packaging. The outer safety tube provides safe distribution of the overflow fluid in the unlikely event of a leak in the process tube. This double tube system is simple and easy to install with orbital welding and can be easily integrated into existing systems and facilities. 

Stick, Molded, Coiled and formed tubing can all be used in high purity applications if the material is up to industry-specific standards and regulations, such as SEMI standards for semiconductor manufacturing or cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) for pharmaceuticals. In high purity systems the tubing is made of high-strength, low-alloy materials. High purity alloys like 316, 316L or VIM/VAR including specialty alloys like Monel and Hastelloy are commonly used. In high purity systems, coil tubing is often used for transporting ultra-pure or high-purity fluids and gasses, usually within clean environments. Overall, Omni Services can help you choose the proper design and materials your system needs to prevent contamination and ensure the integrity of transported ultra-pure fluids and gasses.



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