Pressure Gauges

Ultra-high purity pressure gauges are specialized instruments designed for accurately measuring and monitoring the pressure and distribution of ultrapure gasses and fluids in industries where corrosive environments are prevalent. High purity gauges can measure up to 6,000 psi and have an internal surface electropolished to a roughness Ra≤10 μin. (0.25 μm).

These pressure gauges are commonly used in semiconductor fabrication processes, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and high-tech manufacturing, among other applications. 


Integrated Gas Systems

are customizable devices used for gas control commonly in semiconductor systems. As these systems become more advanced, requirements for gas control also become more advanced. The integrated gas system uses SEMI compliant surface-mounted components and is modularly designed. This requires a standard substrate, valves, flowmeters, filters, pressure sensors and other components on the panel. With this design, the size and shape of the system’s footprint, seal type, bolt pattern, and port location can all be customized to your applications. The wetted components are all SEMI standard stainless steel, the flow paths are all electropolished and the fittings are all orbital welded. 

High Purity Gas Stick Assemblies

also known simply as gas sticks, are specialized components used in industries that require the precise and contamination-free delivery of gasses. These assemblies are commonly employed in applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, photovoltaic production, and other high-tech industries where maintaining cleanliness and purity is crucial.

The AGH series is applicable in gas systems commonly used in semiconductor industries to integrate a diaphragm valve, a regulator and a pressure gauge into one stick to reduce site connections. The AGL series is used for precise pressure control and fluid shutoff in general gas systems and oxygen-enriched environments. This series contains a ball valve, a regulator and a pressure gauge for easy site installation. 

High Purity Canister Assemblies

are specialized systems designed for the storage, purification, and distribution of high-purity gasses and liquids. When it comes to the atomic layer deposition process, selecting the right precursor is critical for process control, film performance and more. At the same time, matching the right canister based on the precursor properties such as volatility and reactivity, will have an interdependent effect on the process.

Canister Assemblies can accommodate the packaging and storage of most precursors and provide excellent safety and cleanliness for the entire deposition process. The external surface is mechanical mirror polished and the internal surface is electropolished to roughness Ra≤10 μin. (0.25 μm) while wetted metal parts are 316L stainless steel for broad chemical compatibility.



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