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High Purity & UHP Components

For high purity applications like biopharmaceutical, food and beverage transfer and medical devices, clean process lines and system components that guarantee the safety of the product are essential. In most high purity applications high purity water and gasses are treated and used to remove all contaminants, including organic and inorganic compounds, dissolved and particulate matter, and dissolved gasses.

The more pure the water or gas, the more aggressive it is towards the materials it comes in contact with, resulting in an extremely corrosive solution. This is most common in semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries, requiring them to use components specially designed to handle these high and ultra high purity systems.

To avoid this corrosion, materials like stainless steel, PTFE, PFA, and others with low impurity levels are commonly used. Many high purity industries operate in cleanroom environments with controlled air quality and stringent cleanliness standards where personnel may wear cleanroom suits to prevent the introduction of particles and contaminants. 

At Omni Services, we understand the critical need for high quality components in high purity applications – that is why we partner with premier suppliers like Stauff, Steel O’Brien, FITOK, and Rubber Fab to offer sanitary hose and UHP valves & fittings that comply with FDA, ASME BPE, Pharma VI, NSF, & SEMI standards.

Omni Services can also offer custom fabrication of sanitary hose assemblies and products that are tailored to your application – connect with Omni Services today to find the fluid conveyance solution for your high purity application.




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