New! Eaton Portable Variable Crimp Machine – ET1187

The ET1187 crimp machine is Eaton’s latest portable variable crimper to hit the market. Eaton’s ET1187 is a versatile crimper that provides a mid-range crimp capability at a lower investment cost than the current FT1380/ET1280 models.

ET1187 can be easily mounted on service vehicles, walls or bench tops using the appropriate mounting bracket making it a lot easier to transfer and crimp hoses between job sites. This new portable crimp machine works with Aeroquip TTC series fittings and utilizes existing FT1380 dies.

Another added benefit is the color coded collar on the crimp machine which matches the layline on the hose for easily identifying the crimp specs for the most common hoses.

Click here to watch the ET1187 Crimper Video

Crimp Specifications:

  • Dimensions – 22” High x 9” Wide x 11” Deep
  • Weight – 65 lbs

Can be powered with one of four different power supplies:

  1. 110-volt AC power unit
  2. 12-volt DC power unit
  3. Air/Hydraulic pump
  4. Hand-pump

Portability is essential when working in the field, and with this in mind Eaton has introduced the ET1187 crimping machine. Not only is the ET1187 capable of handling hose up to 1” it incorporates state-of-the-art features with an “ease-of-use” that will ensure a proper crimp. Here are the key features of the ET1187:

  • Portability – As the name suggests, the ET1187 Portable Variable Crimp Machine offers users an array of options for implementation including the ability to be mounted on the wall, as well as vehicle and benchtop mounting capabilities. The crimper can be ordered with separate bracket mounts so that it can easily be moved from the shop to the vehicle. 
  • Power – The ET1187 can be operated from nearly any hydraulic power source that maintains a level of 10,000 psi. That includes one you may already have in your shop or choose one of four different options offered by Eaton. The crimper can be ordered with any one the following power options: 2-stage hand pump, air/hydraulic pump, 12-volt DC, or 110-volt AC. 
  • Color Coded – True to Aeroquip’s Matchmate ease of use, the Eaton Portable Variable Crimper uses a collar that has been color coded to expedite setup and make hose matching as simple as possible. This feature ensures that a proper crimp can be achieved by matching the color-coded dot with the correct size and style of hose. 
  • Economical – Eaton has made the ET1187 to be affordable while maintaining a crimp capability that puts it in the size category of mid-range crimpers. This makes it a more viable option than other crimpers on the market today. 
  • Adaptable – The Portable Crimper is made to accommodate most Aeroquip products ¼” through 1” (-4 through -16). This makes the ET1187 extremely versatile. 

As it has been shown, the ET1187 Portable Variable Crimp Machine by Eaton has capabilities that allow for use across a broad spectrum of applications. Its portability makes for a quick exchange between the workshop and vehicle while maintaining the ability to crimp the most common sized hoses. Furthermore, the ET1187 uses a color coding system which increases its ease of use. If you are looking for a hose crimper that is both efficient and affordable, be sure to consider the ET1187 from Eaton.  To get one in your shop, ask an Omni representative today!