Quick Couplings

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Quick Couplings

There are endless coupling styles and manufacturers. Omni Services can help you identify the proper connection for your system media, temperature and pressure.

Connect with Omni Services and we’ll help you select the connections for your fluid transfer system.

Omni Services stocks an incredible amount of couplings, whether you need quick connects, tube fittings, push to connect, FDA compliant fittings, or simply pneumatic air fittings.

Product Benefits

  • Quickly connect tube fittings
  • Metal to metal connection or elastomeric seal
  • Configurations: Unions, Tee’s, 90°, 45°
  • Adapters and jump sizes

John Guest Coupling

The world’s first food grade push to connect tube fitting, designed for liquids. Widely used for hi-purity applications, include food and beverage, drug, and chemical applications. Acetal and polypropylene couplings meet FDA & NSF requirements.

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Hansen Coupling

has become the industry standard for all quick connect/disconnect couplings. Hansen Manufacturing Company is now a division of Eaton.

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Nordson Medical

produces polymer and nickel plated brass quick disconnect couplings, with over 9,600 standard and custom designs, valved and non-valved. Quick disconnect fittings are particularly well suited for use on durable and disposable medical equipment, analytical devices, and food & beverage applications.

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QF Series Quick Connect Coupling

provide full flow connections for applications having up-stream and down-stream shut-off capabilities. Typical application for quick connect are venting, draining, mixing and transfer applications.

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QC Series Quick Connect Couplings

FloLok® Quick Connects are designed to provide a convenient way to connect and disconnect fluid lines, creating a leak tight seal without the use of tools for grab sample systems, laboratories, and other applications requiring rapid or frequent connections and disconnections.

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