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Convoluted PTFE Hose

Convoluted PTFE hose is known for the increased flexibility that it affords over standard PTFE hoses. The construction of this hose features a Teflon® fluoropolymer inner tube and a reinforcement layer made of either one or two stainless steel braids. Although convoluted PTFE
hose has a smaller working pressure range in comparison to other PTFE hoses (convoluted hose operates usually operates from 500 psi to 1250 psi), it makes up for it with its immense flexibility; these hoses are four times more flexible than smooth bore hose of the same diameter,
which allows it to be used on a wider variety of equipment.

In addition to its flexibility, convoluted PTFE hose has a superior level of resistance to collapse under vacuum than smooth bore hoses, due to the structure of the hose wall. The operating temperature for this hose ranges
from -65°F to 400°F, and it is widely used in dozens of applications such as pharmaceutical, transportation, chemical processing, electronics, food processing, and steel fabrication operations.

Convoluted PTFE Products

Danfoss Everflex Specialty 8000 (Non-conductive)
Danfoss Everflex Specialty 8500 (Conductive)
Kongsberg Easyflex
Kongsberg Convo-Flex (Heavy Wall)
Kongsberg UltiFlex® (Smoothbore Convoluted)

Other PTFE Products

Danfoss Winner EN-TW (Non-conductive)
Danfoss Winner EC-TW (Conductive)


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