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Spiral Hose Fittings

Eaton has taken hydraulic fittings to the next level with the introduction of the Aeroquip 4S/6S Spiral Hose Fittings. Eaton is continually developing new products designed to improve hydraulic hose and fitting functionality and increase part life expectancy.

The Aeroquip 4S/6S Spiral Hose Fittings incorporate three new features that are designed for more dependable hydraulic hose fittings: Dura-Seal™ Technology, Dura-Kote™ Plating, and the MatchMate identification system. The incorporation of these features leads to a more dependable and lasting hydraulic hose solution.

Dura-Seal™ Technology

Achieving a proper seal with hydraulic hoses is imperative for machinery to function correctly. Without a sealed fitting, the result can mean loss of fluid, idle equipment, and decreased revenue. The Aeroquip 4S/6S Spiral Hose Fittings incorporate a new technology developed by Eaton called Dura-Seal™.

This Dura-Seal™ technology features a special O-ring on the hydraulic fitting connector nipple that eliminates cool-down leakage; a common problem with hydraulic fittings. Eaton has tested Dura-Seal™ for leakage using high impulse pressure, which puts tremendous pressure on the fitting, and the result is zero leakage.

Furthermore, the pressure testing has shown no moisture accumulation on the nipple; a common problem that often leads to interior corrosion. Eaton’s Dura-Seal™ technology will make hydraulic hose fittings more reliable and less susceptible to failure.