Hose Reels

Looking for High Quality Industrial Hose Reels?

A hose reel is a revolving drum built for more manageable storage of long hoses and cables. An industrial hose reel allows the user to unwind a desired length of hose, and when the hose is no longer needed, its entire length can be rewound around the reel drum. Since most hoses are long and difficult to manage, an industrial hose reel provides the most efficient way to store a hose or flexible tubing.

Benefits of Using a Hose Reel for your Industrial Hose

  • Safety - long lengths of hose can present multiple safety risks. Hoses are often thin in diameter and when they are extended they can be difficult to see, thus presenting the risk of injury from tripping over the hose. Hose reels offer a means of regulating the length of the hose, so you will be able to use only the necessary amount; reducing the likelihood for injury.
  • Protection - A hose reel can extend the life of a hose significantly. When a hose is left in the elements or unproperly wound, the integrity can quickly become compromised. If the hose is near a high traffic area, there is a chance that the hose could be damaged by people, equipment, or vehicles.
  • Efficiency - An efficient and productive workplace makes both employees and owners happy. A hose reel offers easy access to the hose, which saves time, and it is the most efficient way to store a hose, therefore creating more storage area or workspace.
  • Save Money - An industrial hose reel can save money in multiple ways. A hose reel will keep hoses in working condition longer and will decrease leakage, resulting in less money spent purchasing new hoses. The increased safety that a hose reel provides, means less chance of hose related injury that could lead to higher insurance premiums.


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Types of Hose Reels

Spring Driven Reels - A spring driven reel is a hose reel that utilizes the power of a spring to assist in hose retrieval. Spring driven reels can come with features such as a retrieval governor to ensure that the hose does not retract too fast. There are several spring driven reel makes and models to consider. Coxreels offers a line of spring reels, such as the P-Series EZ-COIL Model 125 and Model 130. Hannay Reels also has spring driven reels, such as the Hannay Series 500 high pressure hose reel.

Manual / Hand Crank Reels - A manual or hand crank reel is the simplest of the hose reel types. There is no automation with a manual or hand crank reel, therefore human generated power is required for retrieval. There are several great hand crank reels on the market, such as the Series 100 manual reel by Hannay Reels and the Reelcraft Series PW.

Motorized Reels - A motorized reel system utilizes an electronic or hydraulic power source to control the flow and retrieval of the hose. Motorized reels are the most consistent of the hose reel types. There are several different models of motorized reels to choose from, such as the Coxreels 1275 Welding series and the Hannay Series 7000.


Omni Services distributes Industrial Hose Reels

We offer many choices of industrial hose reels that are sure to meet your requirements. By working closely with the most trusted brands in the industry, we can ensure that the industrial hose reel that you order will be of the highest quality.


Premier Hose Reels Suppliers

Hannay Reels

Hannay Reels has been around since 1933 and they provide more than 80,000 hose reels to customers every year. Hannay reels has withstood the test of time and that speaks volumes. Hannay only uses high quality raw materials in the construction of their products. They have dedicated years of research to design and develop hose reels that meet the needs of their customers.

Cox Reels

Coxreels has been in the industrial hose reel business for over 80 years. Their products have been made in the USA since 1923. Coxreels has one goal, and that is “to make the required product the best it can be.” Coxreels industrial hose reels are built with their custom design EZ-COIL system, which has been engineered to meet the highest standards.

Cox Reels

Reelcraft was established in 1943 in Delta, Ohio. Since then, Reelcraft has continued to produce an extensive line of hose reels. Reelcraft claims that their hose reels are “better by design”, and they have more than 70 years of experience in the business. They are also known for their fast, friendly, and professional service.